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Is Superman & Lois canceled or renewed for Season 4?

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We would love to see more of Superman & Lois, but does The CW agree it should happen? Has the series been canceled or renewed?

The CW has finally made some decisions about its lineup. All eyes have been on Superman & Lois, and whether The CW would cancel or renew the show for a fourth season.

When looking at the ratings, it looked like a no-brainer. Why would the network renew the show? The downside to it is the cost. While the ratings are good for the network, they’re not great for broadcast TV. This is an expensive show, and Nexstar wants The CW to be profitable in its own right. That means cutting costs where it can.

We feared this meant that the series would be canceled. Gotham Knights had a lower ratings base but it was much cheaper to produce.

Superman & Lois Season 4 is officially happening

Fans got some good news. The fourth season is happening. It did come with some disappointing news at the time. We will only have 10 episodes to the story.

It’s not the only pre-Nexstar series that has seen its episode count cut. Walker Season 4 will only have 13 episodes, and the newly-renewed All American: Homecoming will also be cut to 13 episodes for Season 3. This is part of the cost-cutting measures.

On top of that, TVLine later confirmed that series regulars would be demoted. Dylan Walsh, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Sofia Hasmik are among those cut as series regulars. It only leaves four series regulars on the series, Tyler Hoechlin (as Clark Kent/Superman), Elizabeth Tulloch (as Lois Lane) and Alex Garfin and Michael Bishop as Clark and Lois’ twin sons, Jordan and Jonathan Kent. However, Michael Cudlitz is still joining as a series regular, coming into the story as Lex Luther.

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What do you think of The CW’s decisions this year? What do you hope to see in what could end up being the final season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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