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Is Superman & Lois Season 4 going to be the last?

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There were many concerns that Superman & Lois Season 4 wouldn’t happen. Now there are concerns that it will be the last of the series.

The CW had us worried for some time. Nexstar had already warned us that there would be a few cancellations. When we learned that Superman & Lois wasn’t quite performing well enough for the cost of producing the series, we did worry about it. Would it be canceled in favor of the cheaper Gotham Knights?

Well, The CW decided to renew the older DC series of the two. It came with the news that the episode count would be shortened. Is this a sign that it’s being final-seasoned?

Will Superman & Lois Season 4 be the last?

It is possible that it will be the last, but The CW hasn’t stated that. The reduced episode count is a sign of that, though. Shows that are coming to an end can sometimes end up with shorter episode counts as a way to wrap up storylines. Look at how CBS opted to reduce SWAT to 13 episodes to wrap up storylines and Outlander Season 8 will only have 10 episodes.

The cost is a factor. Unless the live ratings can tick up to where it makes sense to keep the series going, that’s just not going to happen. While we would love to see the stories to continue, we have to remember that the broadcast networks are a business. That means they have to be profitable, and The CW isn’t.

Nexstar wants to change that, which means finding cheaper shows to produce. Will that lead to poor quality? Potentially, but it could just mean a move away from fantasy and sci-fi to keep the graphics down.

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