Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box from CultureFly: Unboxing and review

Are you still on the fence about joining the hunt? CultureFly’s Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box was Crowley focused, and here’s our unboxing and review.

CultureFly’s Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box had a Crowley-like theme. There was also a Deanmon/Mark of Cain theme mixed in, which suits the Crowley focus. After all, Crowley was the one to know that Dean would become a demon after dying with the Mark of Cain.

There were eight items in the box. Some are great and some not so much. I’ll break down this Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box unboxing and review as we usually do here at Channel Watchers, with a look at the bad, the mediocre, and the good.

I will say that nothing was downright terrible. However, there are some items that aren’t going to be of any use.

Supernatural fall 2019 mystery crate review
Photo: Supernatural mystery box from CultureFly — Credit: Alexandria Ingham

The bad: The vinyl

I know for a fact that some fans are going to adore the vinyl. It’s just not something that’s for me. This doesn’t work for anyone in our house. We just don’t tend to do on-the-nose fandom merchandise. We prefer something that only other fans would truly understand.

There are a few exceptions, like the plush dolls or the stickers on a mug. Usually, those exceptions are because the items are useful in some sort of way. In this case, the vinyl is a little pointless but I understand it will be great for those who like their stickers.

It works on anything and the material seems okay. I’ve not tested it, though.

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Photo: Supernatural mystery box from CultureFly — Credit: Alexandria Ingham

The mediocre: The poster, the pint glass

Let me start with the poster from the Supernatural fall 2019 mystery crate. CultureFly has gotten a lot better with the posters through recent boxes. The posters used to just be key art from the seasons—and often released in odd orders. The last few have been focused more on artwork.

I do really like this poster. I love that we have these two sides of Dean, the side that hangs out with Crowley and the side that views Castiel as family. The coloring is amazing, the detail to the artwork is beautiful, and it’s an excellent addition to the box.

Why is it only mediocre? Honestly, it’s because it’s a poster! Plus, there’s so much great stuff in the box that I have to separate items somehow, right? It really is because it’s just a poster. This will be great for those who go to the Creation Ent conventions to get it signed, at least by Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins, but other than that, it’s going to sit in a scrapbook and stay there.

The pint glass is the other item, and there’s really only one reason for that. I’m just not entirely sure how the sticker will hold up in the wash. CultureFly has had a bad track record with their glasses and the stickers coming off after a few uses. I’m worried that will happen here, and because of that, I can’t love the glass as much as I want to.

Some of the positives about the glass though is that it has a great weight to it. This is a proper pint glass, and I feel like I can actually drink my beer from it. The quality of the kitchenware has always been excellent from CultureFly outside the stickers that go on, so I’m positive about how long this pint glass will last.

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The great: Everything else!

There were some excellent items. My wife has already stolen the Mark of Cain charm from our Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box. There has been a charm in each box since the charm bracelet, and we do have to wonder how long these charms will last. She puts them on a necklace instead of her bracelet, because she doesn’t wear bracelets, but there’s only so many more charms that will fit, right?

Regardless, the charm is an excellent addition. It continues the theme, and the bright red is great to make this charm stand out. It’s the first charm with color, and I hope to see CultureFly continue this.

Then there’s the sleep mask. Okay, this isn’t really useable for me, but it is for my wife. She flies a lot and would like a sleep mask, so this is going to her. The material is soft and comfortable, and the mask is a great fit. Plus, it brings an element of the excellent artwork from the poster, so I appreciate that continuity.

Of course, there’s a Crowley plush doll. There’s not much to say about this, except that it’s soft. It’s going with the Castiel and Dean plush dolls and I’m waiting for the Sam one in the next Supernatural mystery crate.

Photo: Supernatural mystery box from CultureFly — Credit: Alexandria Ingham

There are two wearables in this crate; a T-shirt and a hat. Usually, we find the baseball caps too big at the top, but this one has been made extremely well. It fits the natural shape of the head better, remaining soft and comfortable. The detail of the anti-possession symbol in the middle of the red wings is beautiful to continue the Deanmon element to the crate.

The T-shirts is one of my favorites out of all the crates. Like all CultureFly T-shirts, it’s soft to touch and the sticking is good. The front of the T-shirt has plenty of detail, giving us the Winchester Bros Brand. It lists some of the monsters and creatures the brothers have faced, along with a couple of sayings. While it’s obvious which show it connects to with the image of the Winchesters, it’s unique and fun, so definitely in the great pile.

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What do you think of the Supernatural fall 2019 mystery crate? Is this something you need in your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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