The Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box from CultureFly is almost sold out

If you’re still on the fence about getting the Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box, you’ll want to decide fast. The CultureFly box is almost sold out.

When it comes to mystery boxes, the Supernatural box from CultureFly is one of the most popular. It sells out every month, which is why even when the show ends next year, there are currently no plans to say goodbye to the box. However, there is some bad news if you’re on the fence about getting the Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box.

The Crowley-themed box is almost sold out. Once the box is gone, it’s gone. The only place you’ll be able to find it is on eBay or something similar if people decide to sell on their boxes—and you won’t usually get every item from the boxes because people keep some of them. I know the pain after not getting the very first box, even though it looked like one of the best of all.

We’ve already seen two spoilers from the mystery box. That’s going to be all in terms of reveals, as the box will start shipping mid-October. You should get it in time for Halloween, and that’s going to be perfect for those who want a little Crowley in their lives. But to make sure you get it, you’re going to have to order right now.

This isn’t a joke to push you into buying. Unlike all the other “buy now before it runs out” and then you still see it available months later, the Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box will sell out. They have all sold out. They go before review boxes are mailed out, so our reviews are done to show you what you could have got and give you an idea of what could be available in future boxes.

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So, where can you go for your mystery boxes? You’ll want to head to CultureFly right now. If you’re on the fence, you can always start with just the one box. Get the Crowley box and see what it’s like. If you love it, we highly recommend getting the yearly membership to save money on each quarterly box. Those who don’t like it can cancel their subscription easily.

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