Supernatural fall 2020 mystery box sales now open

Are you looking to add a new mystery crate to your collection? Sales for the Supernatural fall 2020 box from CultureFly are now open.

If you missed out on the sales for the Supernatural summer 2020 mystery crate, there’s some great news. The sales for the fall 2020 box are now open.

You’ll want to jump straight over to CultureFly and pre-order the box now. This is a box that sells out quickly. After all, Supernatural is a popular TV show!

What’s the theme for fall 2020?

We don’t yet have a theme for the fall 2020 mystery crate. CultureFly wants to know your thoughts about the theme.

It’s a pink/purple box, which could suggest that we’re getting a Rowena-themed box. After all, her magic tends to shine as a pink or purple color, showing off just how regal she is (the purple). It’s been a long time since we’ve had something about Rowena, and the fall would be the perfect time for that with Halloween and all that.

What’s in the Supernatural summer 2020 box?

We’re still waiting for the arrival of the summer 2020 box. Some people only just received it recently and we’re in Canada, which can often mean some delays. We’ll bring a review of the box as soon as we get it.

There were a couple of spoilers shared from the box. One was of the T-shirt, which has a couple of buttons and could make for a more comfortable top. It certainly fits the Hunting Trip theme.

While the series is coming to an end very soon, the CultureFly boxes will continue as long as fans want them. Considering how quickly the boxes are still selling out, these boxes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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What do you think the Supernatural fall 2020 theme is? What do you hope to see from a box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Pre-order your Supernatural fall 2020 box right now before they sell out.