Supernatural fall 2020 mystery crate spoilers: Two reveals from the box

Still not sure if the Supernatural fall 2020 mystery crate is for you? Here’s a look at two spoilers to see what you’ll get.

The Supernatural fall 2020 mystery crate is almost sold out. This is one of those CultureFly boxes that goes fast, but you may not be sure it’s for you yet.

Fortunately, CultureFly has released two spoilers from the box. It’s time to see what you’ll get to see if this is the box for you.

We’re certainly excited for this box. The theme is “Women of Supernatural,” ($) which means it’s a box all about Jody Mills, Rowena, and more. And the spoilers certainly point towards the theme well.

Supernatural mystery crate spoilers #1

The first spoiler of the box is a jacket. The apparel tends to be hit and miss with this mystery crate, often relying on a lot of T-shirts. However, CultureFly has gone for something different.

We’re getting a jacket, which looks to be made of the perfect material for fall. It looks windproof and maybe even waterproof, although I’ll have to hold it to determine that one.

Take a look at the spoiler before we break it down further:

While the color is a bit of a bland green, reminding me of the summer 2020 box, it does suit the idea behind it. This is supposed to be a jacket for Jody, and she’d patrol in the forests. We have a nice big badge to indicate that it’s all about our favorite sheriff.

However, there are a few other details on the jacket for some of the other women of the series.

The second spoiler of the box

If you’re running out of mugs, you’re in luck. The second spoiler is the kitchenware. We’re getting another color-changing mugs.

Kitchenware has been hit and miss in this box. There was a great idea for a glass, but the sticker rubbed off too quickly. However, the mugs have been good so far. I’ve not had problems with the material coming off, so I’m looking forward to this mug.

It’s a color-changing one. It will turn pink in the heat. I know what I’m having my coffee in every morning…okay, maybe tea later in the day before my “Day” coffee mugs are necessary to know which bloody day I’m on at the moment!

Take a look at the cool mug:

The only downside I see with the mug is the material. It’s a type that makes me cringe when it connects with another mug in the cupboard. However, it is a durable material, so I can see why it’s used.

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What are you looking forward to in the Supernatural fall 2020 mystery crate? Let us know in the comments below.

Supernatural fall 2020 ($) mystery crate sales are open, but this box will sell out.