Supernatural fall 2020 mystery box theme revealed

The Supernatural fall 2020 mystery box from CultureFly is available to pre-order. The theme for the box has been revealed.

Sometimes, you like to know the theme before you pre-order a CultureFly box. You just need to know that the theme is going to focus on your favorite characters. The Supernatural fall 2020 mystery crate theme has finally be revealed.

We got a sneak peek at the box when sales first opened. It’s a beautiful pink box, hinting that it was all about Rowena. Well, that’s not quite the case but it’s not far off.

The women of Supernatural

CultureFly has revealed that the theme for the fall 2020 crate is “Women of Supernatural.” That does mean Rowena is likely to be included, but it’s not just about our Queen of Hell.

The box will include items that connect to Sheriff Jody Mills and our favorite huntress Charlie Bradbury. There are just so many women who stand out in the show.

One of the great things is that it’s the first time a box has focused on the women from the show. There’s been one Rowena item in the past, but all other boxes have mostly focused on the men, especially the main four series regulars over the years (Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Crowley). It is definitely about time something different came along.

Will the boxes continue when the show ends?

One question that many people will likely have is whether there will be boxes after the show comes to an end. The Game of Thrones boxes stopped shortly after the series ended.

There is some good news. CultureFly’s annual plan is still available, which means there are plans for at least the next four boxes. Once the boxes come to an end, the annual plan will not be available. After all, fans are paying for four boxes with that annual plan. That will definitely be our first sign.

There will be boxes for as long as there is interest. These boxes sell out quickly, so they’ll be around for a while.

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What do you think of the theme for fall 2020? What do you hope you get in the fall box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural fall 2020 sales are open.