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CultureFly’s Supernatural fall 2021 unboxing and review

While it didn’t arrive in time for Halloween, the Supernatural fall 2021 crate from CultureFly included some excellent items.

Like the World’s Finest Collection and The Nick Box, the Supernatural fall 2021 crate was shipped a little later than expected. This was all due to the current shipping delays that you can read about in the news. It is a shame that the box didn’t come in time for Halloween, especially with the monster theme.

The box itself was full of some awesome items. The plush and the wearable are certainly my favorites, and I’ll get into them in more detail soon.

While I am doing unboxing videos, I haven’t been able to film this one yet. The timing just hasn’t been right. I’ll do the video soon and will include it once I have it. I’m not using the items until I get a chance to do the video.

Supernatural fall 2021 box

Take a look at the full box below. I did forget to include the poster in this photo, though. Don’t worry, there is a photo of the poster further down this review.

A hoodie perfect for the season

I start with the wearable. It is one of my favorite items, especially with the timing of it. The hoodie is warm and perfect for the fall weather.

I absolutely adore the coloring of the hoodie. The box came with the orange and yellow coloring, which I do connect to the show a lot for the fire. The hoodie has that coloring, with shadow outlines of Sam, Dean, and Castiel.

There’s then the sigil on the back. This makes it clear that it’s the show without being too obvious and over the top.

I’ve had hoodies from CultureFly before and they’ve always been good quality. While I haven’t tried this one on yet, I’m sure it’s also going to be just as good.

Plush, Charm, and more

The box is all about the villains. There aren’t as many villains as I’d like included, but the ones that are included are certainly big ones from the series. Of course, there’s a vampire fang as the charm.

This charm is a little too heavy for the bracelet. It’s also on the larger side. I think I’m going to add it to my keychain instead.

The plush is my favorite item. It’s a Djinn, and that’s always been one of my favorite villains from the series. That might be because “What Is and What Should Never Be” was the first episode I watched in full. There is no mistaking this creature in the plush form unlike some of the other plush dolls.

There’s also the poster. The posters haven’t always been my favorite items. This one still isn’t but I do appreciate the effort put into it. It’s not just normal key art, and that’s been part of my dislike with the posters in previous boxes.

Ready to go hunting in the Supernatural fall 2021 box

There are three more items, and they all have a hunting feel. It’s like we’re ready to go hunting for monsters.

The first is a drawstring bag. I do like the use of the different eyes. You can clearly tell who or what they’re meant to be, whether it’s the Winchesters, Lilith, or even Yellow Eyes. The material of the bag is on the thin side, but it is a typical drawstring bag material. I’m sure it’ll be decent quality, especially as one of those bags I take with me to comic-con for any extra stuff I get.

The water bottle is light. I didn’t really like the water bottle in a previous Supernatural box because the lid was also metal. This one isn’t the case. The lid is plastic, so there isn’t a cringy feeling or annoying sound when opening and closing it. The bottle just feels so light when empty! I’m curious about the quality of this, and I’m sure I’ll find out soon as I use water bottles like this regularly.

Then there’s the hat. I’m not going to wear it but it is fun. It makes me think of someone trekking through the woods, but it’s a bit of a bright color for hunting monsters!

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What did you think of the fall 2021 box? Which was your favorite item? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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