Supernatural fall 2021 mystery box theme and spoilers

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Pre-orders for the Supernatural fall 2021 mystery box from CultureFly are open. Take a look at the theme and spoilers for the box.

If there’s one mystery box we’re excited for this Halloween, it’s the Supernatural one from CultureFly. The show is perfect for this time of year, and the spoilers from the fall 2021 box certainly make it clear that this is one to buy.

If all you need to know is that the pre-orders for the fall 2021 mystery crate are open, then you should be good to go. You can pre-order from CultureFly ($) right now.

Need a little more information? Want the spoilers? We’ve got your back. For those who don’t want spoilers but want to get to the bottom of this post, we only link to the Instagram posts. We won’t embed them so you don’t need to quickly race through them.

Supernatural fall 2021 mystery crate theme

Each quarter has a theme, usually something that connects to the season where possible. That’s certainly the case for the fall 2021 crate.

The theme is Monster Hunting!

The box will ship in October and should be at your door by Halloween. This is in the U.S. If you’re outside the U.S., it will depend on customs.

Spoilers from the CultureFly mystery box

There are three spoilers available right now. There’s a great mixture of items available, and these spoilers certainly make us excited for the other items that are available.

I won’t talk too much about them, but I’m certainly looking forward to the plush item. It’s going to go perfectly with the collection already, and this one is easily recognizable without anyone explaining who it’s meant to be. I’m also very excited for the wearable this season.

Take a look at the three spoilers below.

Spoiler 1

Spoiler 2

Spoiler 3

The third spoiler is the one I’m most excited about. There have been some good wearables in the past, but CultureFly has gone to another level with the detail on this one.

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What are you excited to see in the fall 2021 mystery crate? Which monsters do you hope are included in the crate? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Pre-order your Supernatural fall 2021 crate from CultureFly now. ($)