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Supernatural prequel seems to completely change canon

Casting for the Supernatural prequel series is out. It’s not the casting that has us concerned, though. It’s the change to canon.

When you do a prequel series, there are some limitations. It’s important to stick to canon that has already been established. The only way around it is if there’s already been some sort of storyline that notes the characters once forgot what happened to them or if the story is set in an alternate world.

It seems like the Supernatural prequel series, titled The Winchesters, is just ignoring the rules. Canon seems to have been changed in the descriptions of John and Mary Winchester.

Who will play John and Mary Winchester in the Supernatural prequel?

According to TVLine, Drake Rodger will play John Winchester and Meg Donnelly will play MAry Winchester. Well, Mary Campbell as she’ll be known in the series. This is prior to the two even initially meeting.

Having two new people playing the roles is fine, especially since this is set prior to the fourth season of the main series’s episode “In the Beginning.” This is about how John and Mary met. And this is where the problem is.

Is canon changing in The Winchesters?

According to the description of John, he is back home from Vietnam. That makes sense if it is set prior to Mary and John meeting, I guess. We don’t know how long they were dating before the episode set in 1977. However, the description goes on to say that traces of his father’s past will lead him to some sort of secret organization. He’ll be pulled into a new war as a hunter.

Now, we know that John didn’t become a hunter until after Mary’s death. It was her death that drove him into looking into the mystical forces and learn about demons.

On top of that, Mary’s description mentions that her father has gone missing. I guess this could happen and just never be mentioned again. However, it goes on to say that she’ll be pulled into leading a new team to find her father with John Winchester on that team.

Again, John shouldn’t be a hunter at this point. That’s already been established. John knew nothing about the world of monsters and creatures, and that was something Mary loved. Why are we changing that part of the story?

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