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When is Supernatural Season 15 back in 2020?

Supernatural Season 15 is now on an unexpected and extended hiatus. When can we expect the final episodes to air on The CW in 2020?

Supernatural Season 15, Episode 13 certainly left us with a lot of questions. Originally, we were going to quickly get some answers. There were plans to air Episode 14 on Mar. 30. However, those plans have changed suddenly.

Thanks to the spread of the coronavirus, filming on the final season went on hold earlier this month. That means the final two episodes aren’t anywhere near complete, so we knew a break was going to happen at some point. That break is happening now. It seems like The CW believes that Episode 13’s ending was the perfect point to need us wanting more.

And that’s certainly the case. We have a lot of questions and we certainly want answers. So when are we getting them? When will Supernatural Season 15 return in 2020?

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We simply can’t say right now

Sadly, there aren’t any indications as to when we’re getting more episodes. It’s going to depend on the spread of the coronavirus and when TV shows can start filming again. While the likes of NCIS and Chicago Fire have wrapped up their seasons earlier, Supernatural will return. There are plans to see the show out to the end.

However, there isn’t any idea as to when that can happen. Some reports indicate that the coronavirus will go on until at least the end of May. Others are telling us that we’ll be in this state until the summer.

Filming won’t resume until it’s safe

There’s absolutely no way that filming will happen until it is safe to do so. Right now, there’s not even any travel into Canada except for Canadian citizens and essential workers. And the Canadian citizens are being heavily restricted to help prevent the spread of the disease. With Supernatural filming there, we’re not going to see the cast and crew get back into the country for some time.

So, we can rule out filming taking place until probably at least the end of April. It’s probably going to be closer to the summer when filming can take place again.

Does that mean we won’t get any more episodes of the series until the summer? Possibly. This break could now take place until the final episodes can be filmed. Or the decision may be to rule out new episodes until after the summer shows have finished airing.

Let’s not forget that Supernatural isn’t the only show in this boat. Many other CW shows have had to shut down production. The difference is many of them have just wrapped filming completely and will just pick up with new seasons. Supernatural doesn’t get that opportunity.

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We’ll keep you updated with the latest news as to when Supernatural will return in 2020.

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