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Supernatural Season 15, Episode 9 synopsis and promo: What to expect in the midseason premiere

Supernatural Season 15 returns from its winter break with Episode 9, The Trap. Here’s what to expect based on the promo and synopsis.

We’ll get the Supernatural Season 15 midseason premiere tomorrow, and we know that you’re excited. It’s been a month since we’ve had new episodes, and there were so many questions after the fall finale. It’s time to break down the Supernatural Season 15, Episode 9 promo and synopsis to see what we can expect in the episode, titled “The Trap.”

You’ll want to refresh your memory of the promo and synopsis right now. Here’s a look at them. And be aware that if you find them spoilery, we’re getting into some major breakdowns. You may want to find something else to read!

Sam and Eileen are faced with the brutal truth; Dean and Cas work together in the hopes of getting a step ahead of Chuck.

What is it that we can expect. Are you ready?

Castiel and Dean will head to Purgatory

For Castiel and Dean, it’s a trip to Purgatory. They need to find a Leviathan flower, and those only grow in one place. While Michael opened the door for them, he’s not heading in to help. There’s only so much he’s willing to do to help the people who put him in Lucifer’s Cage and left him (and Adam) to rot.

So, it leads to the two going alone and they have just 12 hours to get what they need. By the looks of things, they’re getting split up. During one of the Supernatural conventions, we did learn that Dean would pray to Castiel during Episode 9, so it’s likely to help him while they’re stuck in Purgatory, surrounded by monsters. These monsters will want the two dead.

Will we get to see a certain old friend in Purgatory? We’ve had Benny appear once in Supernatural Season 15, but that was in an alternate timeline. While it’s possible Benny is still somewhere in Purgatory, filming schedules may not have matched up to bring the character back another time.

Sam gets to see the future

Sam and Eileen walked into Chuck’s trap in the Supernatural Season 15 fall finale. Now they’re his prisoners, but he doesn’t just want to kill them. Instead, he really wants to show them the truth—the future that is set to happen.

By the looks of things, Sam is going to die at the hands of Bobby. Is that our Bobby or the Apocalypse Bobby? Is this a real vision or just something that could happen? Maybe it’s something that’s happened in an alternate timeline.

Judging by the images for the episode, Sam and Dean will end up back together by the end of the episode. There’s even a chance that Dean finds out Chuck has his brother and he’ll go in all guns blazing to get Sammy (and hopefully, Eileen) back. The show better not kill Eileen off just after we got her back!

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What do you think of Supernatural Season 15, Episode 9’s promo and synopsis? What are your major takeaways? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural returns with all-new episodes on Jan. 16 at 8/7c on The CW.