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Supernatural Season 15 filming planned to restart in late July

Supernatural Season 15 filming was halted in March with just two episodes to go. The plan is to restart filming in late July.

Due to the health pandemic, Supernatural Season 15 was among the shows that shut down production early. There were just two episodes of the series left (yep, series, not season). However, filming production is looking ready to restart.

Canada is starting to open up. More importantly, Vancouver, B.C. is opening back up, which is where most of The CW shows film, Supernatural included. With the reopening, it means that CW shows can look at heading back to work.

According to Deadline, the plan is to bring some shows back to filming either in late July or early August. The CW wants to focus on the shows that are set for fall dates or that are the bigger shows, by the looks of the plan. That means Supernatural Season 15 has to return to filming sooner rather than later.

Riverdale, Charmed, and The Flash seem to be the other shows that The CW wants to get filming again. These shows are set to return to the network until January 2021 with new seasons.

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Supernatural will finish its run in the fall

Supernatural Season 15 is the most important show of the lot. It needs to wrap up filming to let Jared Padalecki move onto his new CW show, Walker. The show is also among the fall shows.

The good news is the fall schedule isn’t as problematic. While there are still two episodes to film, there are five other episodes in the bag. They’d already filmed pre-shutdown but still needed to go through post-production. Instead of rushing the pre-production, The CW opted to take the series off the air temporarily and offer a seven-episode run to finish the network’s longest-running series.

So, there is a little time to get the final two episodes filmed. This is good news since the late-July start is tentative. The cast and crew will also need to head to Vancouver two weeks before filming starts for 14-days self-isolation, a requirement for anyone coming into Canada right now.

Negotiations for restarting TV shows are still ongoing between the studios and the government. Toronto-based shows aren’t returning just yet.

The main focus for The CW will be getting Supernatural wrapped to start Walker. The plan was initially for Padalecki to wrap filming on one show in April to then start production on the second show in July. Now he may have to run things back to back or The CW will have to rethink its fall and January strategy.

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Supernatural Season 15 is set to return to The CW in fall 2020 on Thursdays at 8/7c.