CultureFly’s Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box sales now open

Ready for another Supernatural mystery box from CultureFly? Sales are now open for the Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box.

The Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box will be on its way soon. Sales for the box are now open, meaning you can pre-order and make sure you’re among the first to receive it.

It’s hard to tell what the theme is going to be for the season, though. CultureFly has only released a view of the outside of the box, which has a red coloring and a pentagram behind “Supernatural Join the Hunt.” This could hint that it’s a Crowley theme, as it’s the color usually used when we get a Crowley-focused box. However, CultureFly may move onto other popular characters within the franchise, including Lucifer or Jack, for example.

That being said, the sales for the box are open. You can opt for just this box or you can save $20 over the course of the year and grab an annual subscription. If you’ve received the boxes in the past and enjoyed them, I do recommend the annual plan. With there being an annual plan still available, it’s a sign that there will be four boxes in 2020, with this spring box being the first. With the show coming to an end, it’s normal to worry about whether there will be any more mystery boxes.

Supernatural winter 2019 mystery box coming soon

We received our winter 2019 mystery box a little later than normal. Sadly, it didn’t arrive in time for Christmas despite ordering in enough time. That could be due to customs since we’re in Canada, but we did get our World’s Finest Collection and The Nick Box mystery crates in time. With that said, it means our review of the winter 2019 mystery box is coming late.

The box is no longer available to purchase, but it will give you an idea of what to expect in the Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box.

What do you think of the mystery crates? Are you grabbing the spring box? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Grab the Supernatural spring 2020 mystery crate from CultureFly right now.