Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box spoilers: Take a look at one of the CultureFly items

CultureFly has the Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box coming up. The spring edition may be delayed, but here’s a look at what you can expect.

There’s a new Supernatural mystery box on its way. Right now, there’s a chance that the shipment for the Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box from CultureFly is going to be delayed, but that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about the spoilers.

There’s one spoiler reveal so far, and it’s awesome. For those who don’t want spoilers for the box right now, you’ll want to click away. You have been warned!

Driver picks the music…

One of the most famous sayings from the series is “Driver picks the music, Shotgun shuts his cakehole.” It’s something that many of us have used for a very long time in our cars. Now it’s time to take the saying everywhere with you.

Okay, so I have the keychain from one of the previous CultureFly Supernatural mystery boxes. This spoiler is actually likely more for my husband than anyone else in the house. It’s a wallet with a cassette tape design and the infamous saying on the front.

There’s enough space for six cards and some notes in this item. It’s an excellent start to the Supernatural spring 2020 mystery crate.

Theme for the season

The Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box does sort of have a theme. It’s a celebration of all 15 years of the show, which certainly explains the cassette tape wallet. What can we expect from that?

It’s unclear. We could get some items of the Winchester brothers from start to finish. I think that’s what it’s going to be rather than getting something specific of Castiel and Crowley. Usually, the first box of the year has a Dean or Castiel theme to it, but this could be Winchester brothers over the last 15 seasons.

What is clear is that the payment date has changed for the month. We were supposed to be charged on Mar. 10 but that’s changed to Mar. 31, likely due to shipments changing.

You’ve got time to get your Supernatural spring 2020 mystery crate from CultureFly right now. You know you want to celebrate 15 seasons.