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Supernatural spring 2020 unboxing and review: A box full of useful items

CultureFly’s Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box may have been late, but the items more than make up for it. Here’s our unboxing and review.

It was disappointing to hear that CultureFly’s Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box was going to be late. Of course, there was nothing that could be done, as shipments everywhere were delayed and lockdowns were imposed. The great news is the quality of the items more than make up for the lateness of the box.

There are plenty of usable items in the box. Whether you love decorative pieces or you prefer something you can take on the go, you’re in luck with the Supernatural spring 2020 box.

Usually, I go through the good, the bad, and the mediocre, but I simply can’t do that with this box. Instead, I’m just going to break the items down as best I can.


Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

The one item that doesn’t work for me

If you’ve followed these reviews for a while, you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of the artwork that is sent in the Supernatural mystery boxes. That’s certainly the case with this one. We’re back to the key art for the seasons. While this one is Season 15, so includes Alexander Calvert’s Jack, it’s just not something that stands out. I don’t keep most of the artwork from the boxes so it ends up as a waste.

There is one other item that I’m not sure I’ll use, but I do understand that some fans will love it. It’s all about the wallet. It’s good quality at first glance but I have a wallet that I love. This may become a wallet for conventions, though. That’s something to consider.

Plenty of wearable items

There are three items that are considered wearables in this box. The first is the T-shirt. It’s a classic T-shirt made with the same quality as what we’ve come to expect from CultureFly. The design on the front is bright and connects to what seems to be a theme of the 15th season. It also matches the bandana well.

Yes, the bandana is the second wearable item. We’ve had a bandana in one of the World’s Finest Collection boxes in the past, something that my wife took because it was Wonder Woman. This bandana is made of the same material. It’s black and gold to match the T-shirt, but there’s one thing that is disappointing. The bandana has the outline of three figures, which are meant to be Dean, Sam, and Castiel. Considering the artwork includes Jack, it would have been nice for him to be included on the bandana.

The third item is a pair of shoelaces. They’re always good for conventions to dress up the Converse.

A little bit of fun

The rest of the items offer a bit of fun, but some are also useful. The first is the desk calendar, which is one of those block calendars. I’ve always wanted one for my desk, so I like this addition. It comes with two date blocks and three month blocks and is very easy to work.

The other useful item is the water bottle. It’s on the small side, especially compared to the one from The Nick Box spring 2020 mystery crate, but it’s still useful and is easy enough to clean. My four-year-old has already claimed that since her current water bottle needs replacing. It’s definitely useful for the convention circuit.

Then there’s the desk lamp, which is more of just a fun light-up addition. It is an LED light that runs on batteries, instead of the USB that a previous LED lamp from a Game of Thrones box offer. Honestly, these things end up being clutter on my desk. I’ll probably not use it but it’s a fun addition for those who like this sort of stuff. I’ve just recently removed the Game of Thrones one from my desk and I’m not looking to take up that space!

Finally, there’s a First Blade charm. This goes on the charm bracelet from a few boxes ago, and there have been some great charms over the months. This will certainly work well with all the other charms collected so far.

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Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box final thoughts

Overall, this is a good box. It stands out for some of its more useful items, but there’s decorative items for those who love to show their appreciation for the show around their home. I do wish that we’d move away from the standard T-shirts, though. I have plenty of them! It’s time for something different.

What did you think of the Supernatural spring 2020 mystery box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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