Supernatural spring 2021 mystery box sales now open

It’s that time of the year again. Sales are open for the Supernatural spring 2021 mystery box.

There isn’t a theme released just yet. That’s not surprising. CultureFly tends to keep the themes a secret for a few weeks before announcing them. It certainly doesn’t stop the sales!

This is one of the most popular mystery boxes from CultureFly. You’ll want to grab your order for the Supernatural spring 2021 box ($) before it goes.

A hint at the theme for the Supernatural spring 2021 mystery box

There is a small hint at the theme. In the Instagram post to announce that pre-sales are open, CultureFly shares that it’s all about cooking.

We know that Dean loves his pie, so expect something that is connected to that. We’ve already had a charm with a pie on a plate, so that shouldn’t be included again. Each box includes unique items.

Dean also loves his burgers, bacon, and beer. Will any of those be included in the box? Maybe a recipe book for pies or burgers?

But what about Sam? He loves his kale…I’m sure there will be something more exciting than that in the box.

We also have Castiel, Crowley, Jack, and so many other characters to cover. There has to be donuts to work with Donna’s love for them, right? There are just so many possibilities.

Kitchen boxes are usually great. Just take a look at the one from The Nick Box for winter 2020. That was packed with excellent kitchen items.

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What do you hope to see in the Supernatural spring 2021 box? What did you think of the winter 2020 box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Get your order in for the Supernatural spring 2021 mystery box ($) now.