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CultureFly’s Supernatural spring 2022 mystery box spoiler #2

The second spoiler for the Supernatural spring 2022 mystery box is out. Take a look at the awesome item CultureFly has for us.

There is no doubt that the Supernatural spring 2022 mystery box is one to grab. The first spoiler was enough to get me excited about it. This second spoiler will have many more sold.

I’ll admit that I’m not sure how this second spoiler fits with the crossroad theme. However, we know that Crowley had dealings with a lot of people, so that could be it. In fact, I’ll get to my thoughts after I share the spoiler.

Supernatural spring 2022 mystery box from CultureFly spoiler

You can check out the spoiler on CultureFly’s Instagram. If you’re not interested in knowing what the spoiler is, this is the point to completely stop reading.

The item is a Men of Letters book. It’s all about the monsters and the lore in the world of the Winchesters, everything that the Men of Letters has come across throughout its years of service.

The Bestiary looks amazing. There are images of each of the creatures and then a detailed page about them, their abilities, and how to kill them. It’s not as good as John Winchester’s journal, but nothing will ever beat the journal.

How could it fit with Crowley? We know that Crowley helped the Men of Letters make the UK a monster-free country. There were certainly a lot of deals made, and that’s not surprising with the organization the Men of Letters turned out to be.

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What do you think of the item in the upcoming box? Let us know in the comments below.

There is still time to preorder the Supernatural spring 2022 mystery box from CultureFly. ($)