Supernatural summer 2020 mystery crate unboxing and review

Are you still on the fence about the fall 2020 Supernatural mystery crate? You need the spoilers from the summer box to see if it’s worth it.

The Supernatural fall 2020 mystery crate sales are open. If this is the first time you’re seeing the boxes, you’ll want to know what’s included. You need to know if the boxes are worth the money.

We got a review box of the summer 2020 Supernatural mystery crate thanks to CultureFly. It’s time to unbox and review the box.

The theme for the summer crate was “Hunting Trip.” As you’d expect, the majority of the items were in green, connected to camouflage and the forests that the Winchesters routinely find themselves in. There are also items that will help pass the time while on your hunting trip.

This isn’t my favorite box of all time, but it’s also not the worst delivered. Let’s delve into the box.

Vinyl and artwork

My least two favorite items are the artwork and the vinyl. CultureFly attempted something different with the artwork, putting a canvas into the box instead of the usual poster. I love the idea, but the print used on the canvas is disappointing. The weakest part of all boxes has been the artwork, mostly using the key art from the seasons rather than delivering something new.

The vinyl is also disappointing, mostly because it doesn’t really look like the character. It’s a pinhead version of Dean, but I probably wouldn’t have been able to guess that if I didn’t know it came from a Supernatural mystery crate. While I do love that CultureFly opted for a different type of vinyl, the quality on the look just isn’t quite there.

Light, charm, and dog tags

The next three items are interesting and fun, but they’re not the most useful of items. That’s okay. We don’t always need useful items, right?

The charm is a little salt jar. I’m not sure if the cork will come out as I haven’t tried that, but it would be nice if it could be opened to put some rock salt in. This is a great addition to the charm bracelet, but it is bulky. The charm bracelet is already getting a little heavy and bulky, so I’m not sure I’ll add this one. I think I’m going to need a second charm bracelet!

There’s a small flashlight with the anti-possession symbol that shines through. It’s a decent light, although I’ll admit that my children took it as soon as they saw it. They love reading on a night and I don’t discourage that, so I’ve pretended I don’t know they have the light!

Then there are the dog tags. These are for John Winchester, which is a nice touch for fans of Supernatural. CultureFly has looked at the details and they’re a quality metal so can be worn if you decide to do your John Winchester cosplay at the next Supernatural convention you can attend.

T-shirt, toiletry bag, and Supernatural playing cards

My two favorite items from the Supernatural summer 2020 mystery crate are the most useable items. The first is the T-shirt. It’s a very simple shirt in a hunter green color, perfect for the theme. This one has buttons around the collar. I’m not a fan of traditional T-shirts as I don’t like things around my neck. Having something where I can unfasten the buttons is particularly beneficial. I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this T-shirt.

Then there are the playing cards. We all love a good card game, right? It could be Solitaire to pass the time or a game of poker with friends. Either way, you need a decent set of cards, and that’s what you get with this set.

One thing I love is the attention to detail to the set. There are various symbols from the show that will mean the world to fans. I really like the Jokers in the set, too.

The third item is a toiletry bag. This is a popular item for CultureFly boxes, but this one has been the best so far. It’s a large bag with three compartments. I was able to roll up the T-shirt and put it n with plenty of room to spare, giving you an idea of the size. The material is also good and relatively thick, so I don’t fear anything spilling out of the bag when traveling.

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What is your favorite item from the Supernatural summer 2020 mystery crate? Let us know in the comments below.

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