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Supernatural summer 2021 mystery box from CultureFly unboxing and review

It’s another quarter, and that means another mystery box from CultureFly. Take a look inside the Supernatural summer 2021 box.

Caution: There are spoilers from the Supernatural summer 2021 box in this post. That shouldn’t be surprising based on the title!

With a family theme for summer 2021, we knew the box was going to focus on the Winchesters. This was more than the Winchester brothers but the Winchesters as a whole.

There were nine items in this box, offering something for the summer and some great items for around the home. I’ll admit that it’s one of my favorite boxes from CultureFly for the fandom, with items that I’m sure to use on a regular basis.

Take a look at all the items in the Supernatural summer 2021 ($) crate below before I go into them in more detail:

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

The beach items

It is a shame that this box has arrived so late into the summer. There were a couple of items that would have been great for the beach. Of course, there’s always next summer.

The first is a large towel that features Sam, Dean, and Castiel, along with Baby. There are sigils, the chains from Hell, guns and a knife. All these items connect to the Winchester family in some sort of way, and it all comes together in a stained glass window type appearance.

I couldn’t get a full photo of the towel due to the size. However, I’ve included the card that comes in each of the boxes to show off the full look of the towel.

The other beach item is a beach ball. There’s nothing overly special about the sigils, but it’s a fun item that is perfect for the whole family to play with. It’s a take on the family theme.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

Wearables and useful items

Every box has at least one wearable. That’s certainly the case for the Supernatural summer 2021 box. The wearable is a T-shirt with various sigils from the series all over it.

The one thing I really like about the T-shirt is that it’s a V-neck shirt. I find T-shirts tend to be a little restrictive around the neck and prefer things with material that stays away. This is a good one to wear.

It is a bit oddly sized though, probably because it’s created for men rather than women. It is too large around the top of the chest area and too tight around the bottom part of the shirt.

The useful item is a bag. At first glance, this was my least favorite item. I guess it still is my least favorite, but it will have its uses. You see, it’s a thermal bag. There are always needs for thermal bags in the summer and the winter.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

Drinks, jewelry, and more in the Supernatural crate

If you kept an eye on the spoilers for the box, you’ll have known that there would be shot glasses included. One of the glasses is just of the Impala, and the other says “Why do Winchester brothers run toward death?” It is a big question for the series.

The glasses are short and tubby. They’re great for use with your drinks or you can just put them on a shelf for decorative needs.

What about opening your bottles though? There’s a bottle opener. It’s Baby, who really is family! The quality is on the lesser side. It feels quite a soft metal as if I could easily bend it when opening bottles. However, I haven’t tried it out just yet. I’ll be sure to do that soon. Keep an eye on the Channel Watchers Twitter for updates about this.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

Since the inclusion of a charm bracelet, the boxes have all included a charm. This one is the demon-proof handcuffs. They are on the large side, but they’re not that heavy so they still make a good charm for the bracelet.

Then there’s the trinket box. I love this. I’ve got all the charms and the bracelet in that right now. The wood is a decent quality for a trinket box, and I adore the detail on the top. It’s the marks from the table at the bunker. The box is certainly needed with so many charms now. I can’t use all the charms on the bracelet as there is a few too many now so the box keeps them all safe.

Finally, we can’t forget Jack. I mentioned when the spoiler was revealed that I hadn’t realized it was meant to be Jack at first. The clothing is the giveaway and there are big black wings to note it. However, the face isn’t quite Jack and looks a little on the evil side. That being said, none of these plush dolls have really looked like their characters but they’re still cute, and Jack goes along with the rest of the group.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

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What do you think of the Supernatural summer 2021 mystery crate? What’s your favorite item? Share in the comments below.

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