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CultureFly’s Supernatural summer 2022 mystery box theme and spoiler

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The Supernatural summer 2022 mystery box from CultureFly is now available to preorder. Take a look inside the theme and the first spoiler.

Are you ready to add a little more Supernatural in your life? You can do that with the help of CultureFly ($). Every quarter there’s another mystery box, and the summer 2022 box is just around the corner.

The preorders for the box are already open. This box is set to ship in August.

The great news is CultureFly has let us know the theme, and we have a spoiler. We’ll start with the theme, and will add the spoiler with a clear spoiler warning for those who don’t want to see what’s inside the box!

Supernatural summer 2022 theme

The theme for the box is “Carry On.”

This may feel like it’s going to be the last box, but that’s not the case. While the box’s Instagram and Twitter have shut down, this was just to move everything into one place when it comes to marketing. It’s more about streamlining than getting ready to close a box down. There will still be boxes for as long as there is interest, and there’s still plenty of interest in this fandom.

The theme should include those involved in the final season of the series. The spoiler certainly hints toward that.

Theme for the summer 2022 box

The first spoiler is out. This is where you’ll want to stop reading if you’re avoiding the spoilers.

It’s all about the wearable. We know there’s a wearable in each box, and this one is going to be a T-shirt. I would love to see tank tops or something else for the summer, but never mind.

The shirt has faceless characters, but it’s clear who each of them is. We have Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Jack. This really is about the final season of the series.

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What do you hope to get in the last Supernatural box? Share in the comments below.

Get your summer 2022 mystery crate at the official CultureFly website. ($)