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Supernatural: The Official Cocktail Book review

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If you want to make the Purple Nurple or find out what Mrs. Tran drinks, you need the Superntural: The Official Cocktail Book.

Back in Supernatural Season 3, Dean mentioned that he was drinking something called the Purple Nurple. That’s all we knew about it. Well, it’s time to make them for yourself.

You can make everything connected to the series. There are Family Recipes, things from Friends of the Family, and a mixology guide from the Men of Letters. Yes, you really do need the Supernatural: The Official Cocktail Book*.

The Killer Arsenal in Supernatural: The Official Cocktail Book

Something I immediately loved about this book was the Killer Arsenal at the front of it. It goes through all the items you’re going to need for the various drinks that are included in the book. No, not the ingredients, but the items like shakers, jiggers, citrus presses, and more.

You don’t need everything, especially to start off, but it’s a great guide to get started. The book offers ideas for the sizes of items and why they’re so important.

There is a section about some of the ingredients. These are for your garnishes and your syrups. If you can’t find them in the store, you can make them yourself, and I adore that part of the book. There are plenty of times I go into the store and come out without the syrup I need. Now there’s no need to worry.

Recipes from all your favorite characters

Each of your favorite characters has a recipe that connects to their personalities. There’s even a recipe called Wayward Sons, and yes you can make the Purple Nurple.

The names are connected to parts of the show. We get pictures from the episodes for some of them, such as a picture from the Christmas episode when it comes to the eggnog.

Baby even has her own recipe. Get ready to make Baby’s Own on a regular basis, especially if you love Guinness and dark rum. Bobby’s recipe is perfectly named as Idijt Relief. We all know he needed that a few times.

It really doesn’t matter what type of drink you like. There is something for everyone in this cocktail book.

More than just drink recipes

A lot of cocktail books focus so much on the drinks that they forget you need some substance to line your stomach. Well, Supernatural: The Official Cocktail Book doesn’t fall into that trap. At the end, there are some SPN Family favorites.

Want to know what Pig in a Poke tastes like? You can make your own with the first recipe in the “Road Ration” section. John Winchester has his own Kitchen Sink Stew and you can make Bobby’s Hunter Chili. Yes, you can also make one of Dean’s favorite burgers and there is pie!

Supernatural: The Official Cocktail Book is one of my favorites to add to the kitchen. I think the Black Eye Mai Tai is the one to make next. This book will go perfectly with the official cookbook for Supernatural fans*.

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