Supernatural Winter 2018 mystery box: Unboxing and review

Supernatural Join the Hunt is the officially licensed Supernatural mystery box from CultureFly. Winter 2018 certainly saw its best month yet, despite a couple of items being mediocre. Here’s a look at the items that came in the box.

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Like with other mystery box reviews I’ve done, I’m splitting this into the good, the bad, and the mediocre, starting with the worst and going into the best. Of course, we all have different tastes and wants from a box, but this is a good chance to really break down the box.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

The bad: The vinyl and the poster

One of the consistently poor items in the Supernatural mystery box has been the vinyl and poster. The vinyls have been the core characters, starting with Dean and finally getting to Sam. Each one has used the same clothing as the Funko Pop! Dolls but don’t really offer the best look. In fact, if I took a glance in a shop without really knowing which fandom it was from, I’m not sure I’d be able to guess who it was meant to be.

The posters have also consistently been on the poorer side. CultureFly uses key art from the seasons. Considering I’ve had the World’s Finest CollectionThe Nick Box, and Game of Thrones from CultureFly, I’m surprised by the use of the poster. It’s the only box I’ve had do this. If I wanted the key art, I could get it online!

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

The mediocre: The mug

Let me start by saying that I do love the mug. It’s comfortable to use, just the right size for the rest of my mugs, and it has a good design. There’s one thing wrong with it: quality of the sticker. This is a problem with every CultureFly cup or mug I’ve had. The stickers don’t remain on for too long. This mug has lasted a month and it’s already wearing away.

If I’d only paid for the mug, I would have taken it back by now. I only handwash, so it’s not like I’m misusing it. However, because it’s part of a bigger mystery box, I’ve left my complaints with CultureFly and do hope that they get better quality adhesives. If this continues into this year, I’ll start taking the complaints further.

The good: Everything else

Supernatural‘s Join the Hunt Winter 2018 was a good month for items. I loved the Pig ‘n a Poke board (perfect for the Year of the Pig now, too!) and the Castiel silicon molds. The plates are good — with them being plastic, they’ve been great for my kids since I don’t have to worry about them being smashed, and I adore the Pie Charm that goes with the bracelet from the fall 2018 box.

My favorite two items are definitely the blanket and the hat. The middle of winter gets extremely cold in Canada and this box has been perfect to cope. Both items are made to a good quality (another reason I’m disappointed by the cup) and they’re comfortable and warm. I do have a small head, though, so the hat may not be perfect for everyone. My one complaint about the hat is that the “Supernatural Join the Hunt” logo is on the front. It would have been better sewn onto the back.

Overall, this is a good box and it’s one that encourages me to keep getting the CultureFly Supernatural sign up at CultureFly today mystery box. If you want to get your hands on one.