Supernatural mystery box winter 2019: Get your first plushy spoiler

The first spoiler for the Supernatural winter 2019 mystery box has been released. Take a look at what you can get in the upcoming CultureFly box.

Still not sure about grabbing the Supernatural mystery boxes from CultureFly? Not only should the Black Friday deal help you make your decision, but this first spoiler for the winter 2019 box will help.

The spoiler is an obvious one, in my opinion. It’s a plush doll. And in case you needed to know who the plush doll would be, it’s all about Sam Winchester. Considering we got Castiel, Dean, and Crowley in the last three boxes, it’s not surprising that Sammy is in the winter box.

And what a cute plush Sammy he is. It looks like he’s meant to come from Supernatural Season 3. After all, the spoiler post on Instagram comes complete with an image of a sewer grate and a message…I’m sure you can guess the message, but click through the Instagram post just to see if you’re not too certain.

The Supernatural winter 2019 mystery boxes are shipping in “early December.” It’s not 100% clear on what that will be, but we should have the box in time for Christmas. Will Sammy be a Christmas present to yourself or will you get this box for a fan you know?

There may be other spoilers on their way later in the month or closer to the shipping date. Usually, CultureFly offers two spoilers for the boxes to encourage sales.

This spoiler has come in time for the Black Friday deals. During the weekend, you’ll be able to get 25% off your first Supernatural mystery box from CultureFly. If you’ve never subscribed to the boxes before, you’ll be able to grab the Sammy plush doll and more for just $37.50. Don’t forget you can save $20 across the year if you get an annual subscription.

What do you think of the Supernatural winter 2019 mystery box spoiler? What would you like to see in the winter box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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