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CultureFly’s Supernatural winter 2021 mystery box has a fun theme

Pre-orders for CultureFly’s Supernatural winter 2021 box are now open. You’re going to adore the theme for this box.

It’s time to get your pre-orders in ($). Remember that CultureFly’s Supernatural boxes sell out fast, so you need to get your hands on one as soon as possible. This box is most definitely going to sell out fast as it is one of the most popular episodes of the entire series.

There isn’t a set date for the release of the box yet. The shipping is set for sometime in early December right now, which should mean getting the box in time for Christmas. However, there have been delays in recent quarters due to everything that is happening around the world. Global shipping delays on the items means a shipping delay for our boxes.

Supernatural winter 2021 gets an animated theme

Get ready for a theme that the whole family is going to love. It’s all about the episode “ScoobyNatural.”

This was the Season 13 episode that we didn’t realise that we needed and adored every second of it. Sam, Dean, and Cass found themselves pulled into a Scooby-Doo episode, one of the most iconic episodes going. They had to figure out what was going on, and in this case, it was something ghostly unlike other Scooby-Doo episodes.

Of course, Velma was not willing to admit that it wasn’t something scientific. Dean also felt sorry for her. He didn’t want these teenagers to find out about the realities of ghosts and whatnot, so they found a way to deal with that situation while also getting themselves out of the world of the animated kid’s show.

There are no spoilers for the box just yet. We’re also still waiting on receiving our fall 2021 box to share a review for that one. However, you can check out the review for the summer 2021 box to get an idea of what to expect in these CultureFly boxes. The winter box is going to be a must-have, though.

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What do you think of the theme for the new box? Which box has been your favorite so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural winter 2021 mystery boxes from CultureFly are available to pre-order now. ($)