Why has Survivor been bumped from the CBS fall 2020 schedule?

The CBS fall 2020 schedule is seeing a small change. Survivor is being bumped from the lineup, putting SWAT back in, but why is this happening?

The CBS fall 2020 schedule is seeing some changes. There aren’t too many, and everything is focused on Wednesday nights. The big question for many is why Survivor is being held back.

According to TVLineThe Amazing Race and SEAL Team are moving forward an hour. SWAT Season 4 will premiere in the fall on the 10 p.m. slot. So, switch Survivor for The Amazing Race and we have our usual Wednesday night lineup. It’s certainly going to be good news for SEAL Team fans. We were worried about that move to the later slot.

Why hold back the best performing show of the night?

Survivor usually has two cycles a year, a fall and spring cycle. It makes sense since the show is one of the best on the network, and certainly the best performing show on a Wednesday night. It seems odd that the network would hold back on the series.

Well, we can blame the coronavirus for it. Fiji is still in a form of lockdown with filming not happening. It looks like that won’t change for some time, so CBS has had to put a hold on the show’s return.

There are still potential changes

We could see more changes to the CBS fall 2020 schedule. Right now, shows haven’t returned to filming. Some areas are opening up with strict guidelines, but we’re still to hear whether any of the CBS shows will head back to filming. A lot of CBS shows film in LA and other parts of the U.S., where the coronavirus is still a major concern.

While SWAT is currently set for the fall schedule, it could be pushed to the spring anyway. LA is one of the hardest-hit areas. There are talks about reopening for filming, but will filming resume soon enough for a fall start?

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What do you think about putting Survivor on hold? Are you happy SEAL Team and SWAT are back in their former timeslots? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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