The Doctor Who 2020 holiday special will happen on time

With the global pandemic preventing shows from filming, there’s been concern about the fall. The Doctor Who 2020 holiday special is still going to happen on time. There are a few things we all expect towards the end of the year. One of those for us is the Doctor Who holiday Continue Reading

Doctor Who: What could be bigger than the Master?

Doctor Who is teasing something bigger than the Master, but what could that be? Well, we reckon it is one of four possibilities. A brand-new episode of Doctor Who is on the way tonight and if you have been keeping tabs on social media then you will know that something Continue Reading

Timeless star is travelling through time once again in Doctor Who

Fans of Timeless should set some time aside for tonight’s new episode of Doctor Who as one of the time team is once again travelling in time. Timeless may be over, something I have still not come to terms with, but the time team itself lives on. All of the Continue Reading

Doctor Who Season 12: Is that really it for [Spoiler]?

Doctor Who Season 12 very quickly wrapped up the storyline featuring a certain villain. Is that really going to be it for you know who? Regardless of what you thought of the previous season, the first two episodes of Doctor Who Season 12 so far have been thrilling and exciting. They’ve Continue Reading

Watch Doctor Who Season 12 online: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime?

Doctor Who Season 12 is underway on TV. Tonight is the second episode of the season. How will you be able to stream online? Netflix? Hulu? Where? Are you ready for the new season of Doctor Who? The second season with Thirteen kick-off on New Year’s Day, and now we’re onto Continue Reading

What to expect in Doctor Who Season 12, Episode 2

Doctor Who Season 12, Episode 2 airs on Jan. 5. Make sure you’re ready by knowing everything to expect in the new episode. After the shocking turn of events in the Doctor Who Season 12 premiere, we’re getting ready for the second episode. It’s not just the second episode of the Continue Reading

Watch the Doctor Who New Year’s Day special live online

Doctor Who Season 12 begins with the New Year’s Day special. Check out the 13th Doctor back in action with these live streaming options. The 13th Doctor is back in action. Jodie Whittaker steps back into the costume for Doctor Who Season 12, and it all starts off with the Continue Reading