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Why Tales from the Loop needs a second season

You’ve likely binge-watched the entire first season of Tales from the Loop by now. This sci-fi series needs a second season.

If you haven’t already watched Tales from the Loop, you need to stop what you’re doing right now and put on the first episode. This Amazon Original is full of heart, bringing a whole new feeling to the sci-fi genre. There’s no doubt that a second season is necessary.

The series, which is based on an art book by Simon Stålenhag, is focused on a small community. Everyone is connected by something known as “The Loop,” which makes science fiction become real. However, this show isn’t about figuring out the mysteries of the science fiction that was once just a figment of the imagination. It’s a basis to kick start more meaningful storylines.

Without giving away too many spoilers for those who haven’t watched it all yet, there are stories of body-switching, freezing time, alternate dimensions, and so much more. These elements start a conversation. What would you do if you could switch bodies with your best friend? What would you do if you could head to another universe? Our characters tell their stories in individual episodes.

Each episode is connected in some way to another, usually by characters that we’ve met in passing. However, you can watch the episodes completely out of order without missing too much. There are just the odd ones that you need to watch in the proper order. Episode 5 only makes sense fully once you’ve watched Episode 2, for example.

Sci-fi full of heart

It’s not often a sci-fi TV show focuses on relationships, friendships, and emotions. This is where Tales from the Loop differs. The science fiction is weird but the characters don’t spent time trying to figure things out. They just accept it and allow the bigger storylines to be told. We see how the events that happen because of science fiction affect the characters and their families. How does the loss of someone affect his parents? How does a child deal with the disappearance of her mother?

One thing that Tales from the Loop also offers is a real, grounded story. The sci-fi elements don’t magically fix everything. In fact, it’s the sci-fi elements that can cause some of the sadness and heartbreaking elements. Characters try to make the best of the situations, but there are a lot of regrets and wishes. They have to make the best of the hand that they’ve been dealt because of their actions or because of the science fiction events that have happened to them. You’re left wondering what you would do in their situations.

We need more of these tales. We need more TV shows like this. It’s a new generation of sci-fi and it’s impressed immensely.

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What did you think of Tales from the Loop Season 1? Would you like a second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Tales from the Loop Season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.