Teenage Bounty Hunters canceled after one season by Netflix

Teenage Bounty Hunters has become the latest one-and-done series on Netflix. Is it time for Netflix to do pilots?

Is there any point in giving a new Netflix series a chance anymore? Teenage Bounty Hunters is the latest series to be canceled by the streamer after just one season.

Deadline reported the news, giving the impression that the decision is due to ratings rather than the pandemic. However, nothing was started outright about the reason.

Something the publication reported is that Netflix doesn’t do traditional pilots. Instead, shows are given a straight-to-series order, with the first season acting like a pilot for broadcast networks. If there isn’t enough interest in the first season from start to finish, Netflix chooses to cancel it.

It’s time to go back to traditional methods of picking up shows

Teenage Bounty Hunters was one of those underrated gems. It didn’t get nearly enough promotion that it should have done, meaning it was missed by many when it first dropped on Netflix. Sure the series made it into the Nielsen Streaming Top 10 for the first week it was available, but that was it.

Netflix needs to go back to the original way of picking up shows. There are some that are a definitely straight-to-series show, like Ratched. Others should have a pilot that Netflix bosses consider or that viewers are allowed to vote on. This may raise awareness of the shows that are actually coming to the streamer.

It’s a huge problem with binge-watching

Honestly, I still don’t like the way Netflix releases all episodes of a show at once. There is nothing wrong with the initial release being weekly, allowing those who want to binge-watch that chance after the initial release.

Binge-watching is stressful trying to keep up with everything. And many viewers have to pick between shows and movies being released on the same weekend.

Netflix tends to look most at the viewing figures during the first weekend of a release. It’s difficult to binge-watch three or four shows in a weekend. Okay, so it does give a month or so to captured the main attention, but after a week or so, a show is pretty much forgotten about. There are new shows the next weekend!

Wouldn’t it be more effective to release episodes weekly? This keeps the buzz around a particular show. It’s worked for The Boys on Amazon Prime Video, which despite entitled people review-bombing it for the method of release has been the most-watch season out of the two. And Season 1 gained a lot of attention.

I don’t really give a new show much of a chance. Why tune into something, get invested over the course of 10 episodes, and then have it canceled? I’ll stick to shows that have at least two seasons or watch something when I heard it’s got a “final season order” knowing it will get a wrapped-up storyline.

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What do you think of Netflix’s decision to cancel Teenage Bounty Hunters? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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