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The Ark Season 1 finale ending explained: What happened to Ark One and Ark Fifteen?

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The Ark Season 1 finale saw Ark One and Ark Fifteen forced to either work together or potential end all of human race. What happened? Did they make it to the planet?

When we left Ark One and Ark Fifteen, there were a lot of questions. Would Sharon find a way to get Lane back? Would Brice’s Klampkin’s be cured? Would Trust manage to make the planet rotate?

It didn’t take too long to get some answers. Yes, Brice’s Klampkin’s is cured (although, let’s pay attention to the doc’s mention of liver and kidney damage) and that meant Sharon had a way to negotiate with Maddox. Maddox could get the cure if she brought Lane back.

There was a moment where it looked like it would be an ambush and then a moment where it looked like Maddox might attack due to Alicia being forced to injure Kelly to protect Angus. In the end, everyone got to their own ships with the agreement that they would live on the planet together. They’re just not friends.

The Ark Season 1 finale sees Trust isn’t someone to trust

You would think with “Trust” being his name, he’d be one of the characters to rely on. Instead, his name is ironic. William turned on the machines to make the planet rotate, but it was a trap for Ark Fifteen. He only turned one of them on and forced Ark Fifteen to be dragged to the planet. Their engines shut down, meaning they were going to be pulled down and crash into the planet.

Sharon had to force William’s hand by threatening to steer them into the magnetic pull of the planet. This meant the machine had to be turned off to give Fifteen the chance to get out. Maddox gained some new respect for Sharon for doing that, admitting that if it was her, she would have left One to fall.

With that over, the machines to rotate the planet were turned on. It looked like it was all working until the not-so-frozen water was exposed to the planet’s sun. Do you remember Alicia and Angus being confused by the not-so-frozen water on the cold side of the planet? Well, it wasn’t water. It was burning up in the heat and was going to make the planet explode.

Ark One and Ark Fifteen got away just in time, but One suffered some major damage. They were dead in the water and had to rely on Fifteen to come get them.

Would Maddox return the favor? At one point, it looked like she would leave them. In the end, she decided that she would send rescue shuttles. The problem is we have no idea how bad the damage is for everyone on One. We know who in the Bridge survived, but we’re left on a cliffhanger not knowing if everyone everywhere else survived.

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