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The Bachelor: Are Kaity and Zach still together?

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Zach chose Kaity in The Bachelor Season 27 finale, and Kaity said yes. Some time has passed since filming. Are the two still together?

It doesn’t seem like a lot of Bachelor Nation couples stay together anymore. It’s clear that some people go on this show for the wrong reasons, but there is hope that others will find love. That’s all Zach wanted when he started his journey as the lead of iThe Bachelor Season 27.

In the finale, he made his choice. He picked Kaity, and she said yes. During the live After Show, he explained that he realized it was Kaity from the Last Chance Date. He continued with the show because of that (which does mean Gabi has a point in him not being honest with her), but he knew it would be her at the end.

Are Kaity and Zach still together after The Bachelor?

The two seemed happy at the After Show, but are they still together? Has real life gotten in the way of their love?

It turns out that things are still good. Kaity and Zach are getting ready to move in with each other in Austin, Texas.

Of course, things may not work out in the future, but the two of them did have a good connection from the start. They also had some good communication throughout the series, offering hope that it is still possible to find love on this series.

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