The Bachelor Season 27: What happened in London? (Spoilers)

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The Bachelor is heading to London, UK in Episode 5. Something goes wrong, but what is it? Here are all the spoilers you need.

Zach Shallcross is working his way through the women who are vying to be his wife. Of course, there are spoilers out there as to who will win, but that’s not what we’re focusing on just yet. It’s all about the events of Monday’s upcoming episode.

In the promo, we’ve found out that Zach and the remaining women are heading to London, England. Nothing can stop them, right? Well, something does, and it looks like they have a robbed week. What is going on?

What happens to Zach in London in The Bachelor Season 27?

It turns out that Zach got COVID while they were filming in London. He went on his date with Gabi, which is something we’ll get to see, and then he had to quarantine for the rest of the trip. It means the Rose Ceremony is going to be done via Zoom.

What does this mean for the episode as a whole, though? I guess we’ll get to see the women travel London alone. There’s never a shortage of drama when you put The Bachelor contestants together.

One woman is going to head home. Will another? It seems a little unfair to send two home when the week is cut short due to something out of everyone’s control.

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