The Baker and the Beauty officially canceled after one season

It’s one and done for The Baker and the Beauty. ABC has opted not to renew the freshman drama after one season, but why?

There’s some bad news. The Baker and the Beauty has been canceled by ABC. It’s one and done for the romantic dramedy.

The series was one of two shows left with unknown fates when ABC made decisions about the fall 2019 shows. For Life was the other show, which has been renewed for a second season.

While For Life was only just ahead of The Baker and the Beauty in terms of the average audience, the legal drama had gripped the demo—arguably the most important of the two live figures for advertisers. The Baker and the Beauty struggled to capture audiences, despite getting a great slot during the pandemic! It was the lowest-rated series on the network, according to Deadline.

The freshman series saw Victor Rasuk star as Daniel Garcia, a man who will do everything that his Cuban family expects, including working at a family bakery. When he meets Nathalie Kelley’s Noa Hamilton, a fashion mogul and international superstar, his life is completely changed. The two immediately feel the attraction, but is there hope for them to be together when they’re from two very different cultures and backgrounds?

Could a streaming service save it?

In a way, it’s surprising that The Baker and the Beauty couldn’t grip audiences. After all, it was a romantic dramedy that many viewers have come to enjoy. Romcoms are among the most popular movies and TV viewers love a good love story.

Was it actually the fact that it was on network TV that became a turnoff? Are we more invested in shows when we’re able to binge-watch them? After all, shows like Riverdale and Dynasty have proven to be successful because of streaming services. That’s how they get to survive longer because there are viewers who like to stream all at once—or because they head overseas for a more viable audience.

Is it possible that this series could have worked out better on somewhere like Netflix? Could we see Netflix save the show?

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What did you think of The Baker and the Beauty? Is there hope for the show to be saved by a streaming service? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Baker and the Beauty is available to stream on Hulu.