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The Blacklist: Harold Cooper was such a legend last night

Harold Cooper was the man of the night in last nights episode of The Blacklist. Why? Because he was such a legend.

A lot went on in last nights episode of The Blacklist. Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington wasn’t executed, Samar is leaving the task force, a plot against the United States was unearthed, and so much more. But what we’re going to focus on, is just how much of an amazing legend Harold Cooper was in “Bastien Moreau: Conclusion.”

From the very start of the episode, Cooper was on fire. Putting the President of the United States in his place was a spectacle I am sure plenty of fans were whooping and cheering at. I know I was.

And it just kept getting better. Everyone who came along and tried to knock him down, Cooper swatted them away as if they were just some annoying fly buzzing around him. Nothing phased him.

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But, the golden moment, at least for me anyway, was right at the end of the episode when Anna McMahan, who we all know is the one pulling the strings in the background, announced to Cooper she would be overseeing the ongoing activity of the task force.

As is that was going to scare Cooper?

Instead, Cooper responded positively by saying how much of a good thing this was. Something Anna McMahan clearly didn’t expect. She then asked him why he wanted her to take the job. Cooper’s answer sent him into legendary status and the clear winner of “line of the night.”

Not only was this hysterical brilliant, and more importantly accurate, the best thing about this line is it shows how much of an influencing Red has had on everyone, in a good way. Just think about it for a moment. Do you think Cooper would have said this in Season 1? Probably not, he was too by the book then. But now, what a legend.

Did you watch last nights episode of The Blacklist? What did you think of Cooper? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.

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