The Blacklist: Series creator Jon Bokenkamp confirms answers are coming

Answers and resolutions are on the way in regards to Red’s identity, according to The Blacklist series creator Jon Bokenkamp.

If you have been eagerly waiting for answers regarding Red’s identity, I have good news for you. Answers are on the way very soon and this comes from series creator Jon Bokenkamp himself.

Announced as part of TVLine’s May Sweeps Preview and Finale Spoilers. Bokenkamp is on the record stating the story arc surrounding the true identity of Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington will:

“start to fold in on itself,”

“giving us answers and resolution”

This is music to my ears and no doubt yours as well. The question surrounding who on earth Red really is has been the number one question needing to be answered ever since we learned the real Raymond Reddington is, in actual fact, dead, and the Red we know stole his identity and who knows what else.

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The two-episode part special, which is to air this Friday, April 26, will be exploring more of Red’s past, with a central focus on his relationship with Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova. It’s not clear if we will be getting answers in this two-episode part special, the good news is if we don’t, answers will not be too far away.

TVLine also revealed what the relationship between Dembe and Red will soon be like. Fans have been wondering what will happen when Red learns Dembe has been keeping a big secret from him and TVLine has given us that inside scoop.

Be sure to read all about by visiting TVLine right here.

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Are you happy to hear that answers will soon be giving? What is your current theory on who Red is? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.