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The Blacklist will bring a graphic novel style to part of the Season 7 finale

Even if you haven’t watched the whole of The Blacklist Season 7, the finale will be an episode you need to check out. Part of it will be a graphic novel.

There’s some exciting news in the world of TV crime dramas. The Blacklist Season 7 is doing something it’s never done before. In fact, it’s something no other TV crime drama has done. Part of the Season 7 finale will be like a graphic novel.

Like so many other shows, The Blacklist Season 7 filming was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. The show was in the middle of Episode 19, and there’s no way that anyone wanted the work that was done to go wasted. But filming simply couldn’t continue. So, instead of scrapping the episode, the producers opted to tell part of the story as a graphic novel.

Unlike animation on FOX, this episode will have moments that look like a real graphic novel. It will be dark and gritty, suiting the style of The Blacklist. The animation has been created to weave in with the rest of the story that was told. There may be moments that cut between live-action and the animation, although the ending of the episode may be wholly animation. It’s going to depend on how the scenes were shot.

THE BLACKLIST — “The Kazanjian Brothers” Episode 719 — Pictured: Raymond “Red” Reddington — (Photo by: Sony Pictures Television)

What’s fun is that all this was put together through lockdown. The actors did their voice recordings at home and sent them to the producers. The editors and animators got to work from their own homes, allowing them to continue the story that was partially told through filming.

Even if you haven’t watched an episode of The Blacklist Season 7, you’ll want to check out the finale. This is just one of those amazing things that can come out of a quarantine situation. It offers the chance for more people to be creative and tell a story in a way never expected or approached before.

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What do you think of the use of a graphic novel-style approach during The Blacklist Season 7 finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Blacklist Season 7’s finale will air on May 15 at 8/7c on NBC.