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Is The Boys renewed for Season 4?

We are now at the halfway mark of The Boys Season 3. That natural means we’re looking ahead at the future of the series.

Prime Video usually renews The Boys ahead of season premieres. We were a little concerned about the lack of renewal ahead of Season 3. However, there have been some delays in renewing Prime Video shows recently. We’re still waiting on what’s going on with The Wilds, Outer Range, and Night Sky.

one point, we wondered if Amazon* would wait until the end of Season 3 to make a decision about this series. There was some good news this weekend.

The Boys Season 4 is happening at Prime Video

Deadline reported the good news. There will be a fourth season of the series.

The renewal wasn’t that surprising when looking at the viewership numbers. Season 3 is up 17% from the second season. It’s up a whopping 234% from the first season. It’s very clear that this is a show that fans adore and want more of, and Prime Video is bringing us it.

What’s going on with the spin-off shows?

There are still questions about Diabolical, the anthology animated series. There are talks of a second season happening, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Eric Kripke and the team have been busy on Season 3 of the mothership series, so this isn’t too surprising right now.

Then there’s the college spin-off, which is currently in production. We don’t have a release date just yet. It is still happening, though.

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What do you think of Season 3? What would you like to see in The Boys Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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