The Boys Season 2 release date is about to be announced!

Erik Kripke has announced The Boys Season 2 release date will be announced during the shows reunion; hosted by Patton Oswalt.

It has nearly been a year since The Boys debuted on our screen. The Amazon Prime Original was an overnight success and we’re desperate to see more of them. We’ll know very soon how much longer we need to wait as The Boys Season 2 release date is about to be announced.

Erik Kripke, co-creator of the series, revealed to the world via his official social media channel that this would be happening.

Along with The Boys Season 2 release date. The cast will reveal to fans details about the upcoming season, display some sneak peaks, and swear; a lot. Although it will probably be a normal amount of swearing for The Boys.

This will all happen this Friday, June 26. It is to be hosted by Patton Oswalt and the show will begin at 11 am Pacific Time.

Season 1 of The Boys took us on a journey where The Seven, the superheros of the world, are the ultimate evil and not the heroes they are portrayed to be. The Boys, led by Billy Butcher who is portrayed by Karl Urban, are out to unmask The Seven and reveal their true nature to the world while getting their own sweet, sweet, revenge.


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The season ended with a twist of Homelander, the leader of The Seven who is portrayed by Antony Starr, is a father. He has a son who was kept hidden from him. The mother of his son is Butcher’s wife, who Butcher thought was dead all of this time.

Talk about a complicated family dynamic.

Season 2 will resolve around this final moment. What direction they will take is anyone’s guess. Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing what is next for series.

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What do you think about release date being announced? Are you looking forward to seeing The Boys Season 2? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.