The Boys Season 2: Stormfront looks to be more twisted than Homelander

Oh yeah, you read that right. The Boys Season 2 might be introducing a new Supe who is even more twisted than Homelander. Her name is Stormfront.

The Boys Season 2 is just around the corner and it already looks more twisted and crazier than last season, and that’s saying something. The twisted thing of all though is we might be introduced to a new Supe who is even more twisted than Homelander.

An electricity wielding Supe, Stromfront is portrayed by Aya Cash and is The Seven’s latest recruit.

The final trailer of the new season puts the focus on Stormfront, highlighting how she will make an enemy of Homelander. A Supe who excels at playing the media to her advantage. We see her rallying a crowd as she proclaims to everyone that the super terrorists are coming; much to Homelander’s displeasure.


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Amidst her making an enemy of Homelander, we also get a glimpse of how powerful she is. Wielding electricity at any poor soul caught in her path. Nobody is able to withstand the sheer power she is able to unleash.

Towards the end of the trailer we get to see both Homelander and Stormfront face off. With the end result being Homelander laser eyeing Stormfront’s breasts.

Which brings me on to how the feud between them might only be short-lived, which is a scary thought. The two are clearly unhinged beyond imagination so if they were to join forces and work together who knows what destruction the pair might get up to.

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So prepare yourself. We could be seeing the beginning of something truly awful.

Are you looking forward to The Boys Season 2? What do you think of Stormfront? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.