How many episodes are in The Boys Season 3?

The first three episodes of The Boys Season 3 are now available to stream. Want to binge-watch? You need to know when the season finale is. How many episodes are there in the season?

To be able to binge-watch a show, you need to know when all episodes are available on the platform. The Boys Season 3 is getting a hybrid release again. The first three episodes are now available, but it’s going to be a while for all episodes of the season. After this, we’re getting one episode per week.

So, you need to know when the season finale will air. How many episodes are in the season to know when the finale is going to be?

The Boys Season 3 episode count

There are eight episodes in The Boys Season 3. This matches the episode counts of the first two seasons of the show. There’s no need to break something that works well.

This means the finale will air on Friday, July 8. This is something that was announced at the time of the premiere date. Prime Video didn’t want us all wondering just how long we’d need to wait for the binge-watch.

The hybrid release format is designed to support the work of the creators. Sure, people don’t want to wait for the episodes, but patience is a virtue. It’s time to stop being so entitled to the binge-watch. Savor each episode, develop the theories, and chat about it with friends. You know; like we do with broadcast and premium cable TV.

The weekly release arguably helps to keep shows on the air for longer. We just have to look at how most streaming shows are cancelled after two or three seasons. While there is the initial interest, the wait for seasons is too long. Look at the three-year wait for Carnival Row, and we’re still now sure when that is coming! Waiting for the episodes gives the creators time to develop the next season storylines (even loosely before an official renewal) and also means people pay closer attention to see all the hard work that goes into a show.

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The Boys Season 3 is streaming on Prime Video*.