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The Boys Season 3 finale spoilers: Is Butcher dead?

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The end of any TV season finale brings death. What about The Boys Season 3 finale? Did it bring an end to Billy Butcher?

We know in a season finale, anything can happen. There is usually a death or two. That’s especially been the case with anything from Eric Kripke! Well, The Boys Season 3 has threatened the death of one of its characters for a while.

It’s all about Billy Butcher. Queen Maeve gave him temporary V to take down Homelander. However, this drug was experimental, and Starlight learned that temporary V causes death after three to five doses. Butcher stopped Hughie from taking more, but he decided to take another dose without thinking about what it meant. Stopping Homelander was all that mattered.

Did Butcher die in The Boys Season 3 finale?

So, what happened in the end? There were a couple of deaths or ends to characters. Black Noir is dead, Queen Maeve is human, and Soldier Boy is back under lock and key. What about Butcher, though?

He’s still alive, but only for now. He learned at the end of the third season that he’s dying. He has a year to 18 months left to live. It’s a little like Supernatural at the end of Season 2 when Dean made a deal for Sam and had a year to live. I wonder if The Boys Season 4 is going to have a focus on saving Butcher’s life.

However, Butcher has likely accepted his fate. He’s angry, of course, especially since Ryan has chosen to be with Homelander. But he knew taking the V was a huge risk. Plus, it’s not like Butcher did this for the sake of the group. Instead, he had his selfish reasons. Starlight and MM weren’t happy with his decision in taking the V anyway, so getting him help may not be at the top of their list of things to do. That is if they even find out in time to help him.

Hughie isn’t going to want Butcher to die, though. The group is now a democracy, which could mean a fight to save Butcher.

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What did you think of Butcher’s storyline? What do you think the others will do in The Boys Season 4? Will they fight to save him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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