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The Boys Season 3 finale: What happened to Soldier Boy?

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The Boys Season 3 finale brought us an epic showdown between multiple characters. Did Soldier Boy live or die in the end?

Caution: There are major spoilers from The Boys Season 3 finale in this post.

At the end of The Boys Season 3, Episode 7, we learned that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father. That did make us worried that Soldier Boy would choose the Supe over his agreement with Butcher. It did look like that could be possible, except there was one thing. Soldier Boy didn’t like Homelander.

In fact, Soldier Boy is disappointed in what Homelander has become. Maybe if Soldier Boy had raised his son things would be different. But the knowledge of paternity meant nothing to Soldier Boy. And so, the showdown happened.

Did Soldier Boy die in The Boys Season 3 finale?

What would happen to the dangerous Supe? Well, at first, it looked like Soldier Boy could potentially take out Homelander. That was until Butcher realized Ryan was there. Butcher didn’t want anything to happen to Becca’s kid, so he asked Soldier Boy not to fight Homelander.

Soldier Boy wasn’t willing to stand down. He and Butcher fought, and eventually, Soldier Boy started to lose control. There wasn’t the time to get the gas to Soldier Boy to knock him out, so Maeve did the one thing she could. She pulled him out of the window and allowed Soldier Boy to detonate in the air.

Would that kill them both? Well, we knew that Soldier Boy had detonated like this before without killing himself. He was fine. (Maeve became human!). However, there was time to get the gas to him and knock him out.

At the end of The Boys Season 3 finale, we watched Grace Mallory witness a knocked-out Soldier Boy being placed in a large metal casket. He’ll be left there for as long as necessary. Of course, nobody will want to wake him up. He’ll be out for revenge against everyone!

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What did you think of the way Soldier Boy was handled? What did you think of The Boys Season 3 finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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