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The Boys Season 3 lands summer premiere date: Is it a weekly release?

The Boys Season 3 finally has a premiere date. Amazon Prime Video shared the date, along with the weekly release plan.

The bad news for those hoping for a binge-watch is that The Boys Season 3 is going to get a hybrid release similar to the second season. While this isn’t something we like as viewers, it is better for the show’s future.

The first three episodes will be released at once. From there, Amazon will release one episode per week on Fridays. It’ll all be worth the wait in the end, just like the second season was.

The Boys Season 3 premiere date on Amazon Prime Video.

The first three episodes will arrive on Friday, June 3, 2022. This was confirmed in a first-look announcement video, which saw Starlight and Homelander smiling for the cameras. Homelander’s smile turns sinister before he finally breaks and looks like he’s about to murder someone. Same old Homelander, then!

After that, the episodes will release weekly. There are eight episodes to the season like the previous two, so the finale will air on Friday, July 8. TVLine confirmed this in its announcement.

Season 3 will pick up off the back of the second season. It’s time to find out what Victoria’s agenda is. She was the one blowing off heads, and now we want to know why. Hughie is in the lion’s den, but what will he do when he learns the truth?

Meanwhile, we’ll get a see a few new faces. Soldier Boy, Crimson Countess, and Blue Hawk are all among the new Supes joining the series. Will they join The Seven or will we get to see Payback? That’s a question for the new episodes.

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What do you hope to see on The Boys Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Boys Season 3 premieres on Friday, June 3 on Amazon Prime Video ($).