The Boys lands another Supernatural actor

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It’s about to get a little more Supernatural on The Boys. Another former cast member is joining the Prime Video series.

Eric Kripkes loves to work with people he likes again and again. It wasn’t surprising when we saw multiple Supernatural and Timeless actors show up throughout the previous three seasons of The Boys. One of the biggest had to be Jensen Ackles, especially as he got to play the iconic Soldier Boy.

Well, it’s time to add another Supernatural actor to the show. Who is joining, and who will this person play?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins The Boys

It’s all about Daddy Winchesters. Yes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is going to be in The Boys Season 4 in a recurring role, according to TVLine.

The details of the role are being kept quiet. We don’t even get to know if he’ll play a Supe or not. Can he be Soldier Boy’s dad somehow? Maybe there’s a brother Supe somewhere at college…

Anyway, Morgan will be a recurring star, which suggests not all season but a good handful of episodes. We can’t wait to see how important he is to the overall story. This season is bringing in Supes that aren’t in the comics, so get ready for some big deviations from the source material.

The inclusion isn’t surprising. Morgan has made it clear that he would love to be on the show if the schedules could work. His role on The Walking Dead made that difficult, but now that show has come to an end and he has some spare time before filming the spin-off series with fellow Supernatural alum Lauren Cohen.

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What do you hope to see in The Boys Season 4? What do you think of Jeffrey Dean Morgan joining the cast? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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