Is The Company You Keep canceled or renewed for Season 2?

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There are still a lot of TV shows on the bubble. Is The Company You Keep on of them? Will the freshman ABC series get a second season?

We are all patiently waiting for the May Upfronts. That’s when the networks make final decisions about shows on the bubble, and there are a lot like that this year.

ABC has recently made some decisions about shows. Is the new Milo Ventimiglia series one of them? Will we get a second season of this conman who likes to con the bad guys?

Is The Company You Keep Season 2 happening?

As of right now, ABC has not canceled or renewed The Company You Keep. That can be good news for now as it’s not canceled at the very least. However, we are getting a little too close to the May Upfronts for comfort. It does suggest that a cancellation could be in the air.

While there is a lot more than the live ratings that play a part in cancellation and renewal decisions, the live ratings are often the main factor to consider. This is where we are worried about the series. According to TV Series Finale, things aren’t looking so great.

The average demo puts the show in 12th place out of 15 shows. The average audience puts it in the same position. Now, this is a Sunday show, so the live ratings tend to be on the lower side than the midweek shows, but not usually lower than Friday night shows.

A saving grace could be the WGA writers strike. Pitches can’t happen, some negotiations can’t happen, and writing can’t happen. That could mean ABC doesn’t risk as many current shows for new shows this year. However, I think we may want to get ready for the bad news.

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The Company You Keep* airs on ABC in the U.S. and on CTV in Canada.