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Is The Couple Next Door based on a book?

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A lot of shows and movies are based on books. What about The Couple Next Door on STARZ? Is that a book adaptation?

There don’t seem to be that many original ideas when it comes to TV shows and movies anymore. A lot of book content is turned into TV shows. This is great to bring some of our favorite stories to life, but it does make us question everything that we see released.

The Couple Next Door is coming to STARZ in 2024. If you do a search for the title, you’ll see that there are a few books* with that title. Is the series based on one of those books, or is this show going to be original?

The Couple Next Door is not based on a book

While the books that you’ll find are certainly worth a read, they’re not the source material for this particular show. The one starring Eleanor Tomlinson and Sam Heughan is not based on a book.

However, it’s not completely original. The series is based on a Dutch series called New Neighbours. There are a lot of similarities to the two shows, with a couple moving into a higher class area next to a cop and his fitness trainer wife.

In the Dutch drama, Eva—the wife in the couple that moves into the area—is pregnant. She and her husband Peter decide to move to the outskirts of Amsterdam, moving in next door to Steef and Rebecca.

They all soon make friends with each other. It seems that Steef and Rebecca are excited to see new people in the area, but soon that excitement turns to stress and danger. Tragedy strikes just before the big move, and now the couple has to deal with the fatal consequences.

It will be interesting to see how the storyline changes for the English-language version. It doesn’t sound like Evie in the English-language version is pregnant and they move for other reasons, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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The Couple Next Door will come to STARZ in 2024.