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Was the mouse supposed to be in The Crown Season 4?

Twitter is alight with The Crown Season 4 viewers spotting the mouse. Was that supposed to be in there or is it mouse-gate?

Did you spot the mouse in The Crown Season 4? The answer is likley yes.

If you didn’t, you’ve likely seen plenty of people talking about it on Twitter.

The mouse is only there for a flash at the start of The Crown Season 4, Episode 3. It’s when the Queen Mother is waiting for a call about Prince Charles proposing to Lady Diana Spencer, but she doesn’t even flinch at movement.

It seems like nobody noticed the mouse, and we’re not sure if that was intentional or just the fact that even those editing the show didn’t spot the creature.

Have we got a mouse-gate on our hands?

TV shows aren’t strangers to having things pop up that shouldn’t be there. Sometimes it’s something that can easily be explained or is just easier to ignore due to having to film conversations twice from different angles.

Other times, there’s a glaring error. Yeah, we’re looking at you Game of Thrones with that Starbucks cup and then the water bottle just episodes later! Those instances were cases of editors not paying attention.

The Crown Season 4 is one of those cases where we just can’t figure out if it was supposed to be there or not.

It’s likely an editing mistake. The mouse probably showed up on set and scurried across the floor without anyone seeing it. Editors will be focusing on so much that missing something that took up seconds of screen time would easily be missed.

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However, it’s something that fits into the show. During The Crown Season 4, Episode 5, Fagan (the guy who breaks into Buckingham Palace) tells Queen Elizabeth that the paintwork is a botched job. It’s old and cheap, suggesting there isn’t a lot of money on the upkeep of the houses.

And there’s not. It’s no secret that while the houses cost billions to update and decorate, a lot of that is due to the old stone work and just maintaining the original look. Money is saved where possible.

There are likely holes in the walls, and the locations of the Royal houses will mean mice and rats get in. A mouse in the Queen Mother’s house isn’t all that crazy.

The Crown Season 4 Twitter isn’t telling us anything

While we’re busying trying to work out whether the mouse is intentional or not, those behind The Crown Season 4’s Twitter feed are having fun.

Just look at the response:

Maybe one day we’ll find out if it was a mistake or not. Right now I don’t think this is much to get upset about. the mouse could realistically be there!

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Did you spot the mouse on The Crown Season 4? Do you think it was a mistake or was it supposed to be there? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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