The Crown Season 4 trailer gives us Margaret Thatcher and Diana, Princess of Wales

Netflix has released The Crown Season 4 trailer, giving us a look at the new women to watch out for: Margaret Thatcher and Diana Spencer.

Are you ready to see the next stage of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign? The Crown Season 4 is less than a month away, and now we get a look at the trailer.

The Crown Season 4 trailer opens with Gillian Anderson’s Margaret Thatcher, and you’ll be forgiven for not even realizing that it is Anderson under the wig. She fully embodies the first female Prime Minister of the UK, both in terms of voice and personality.

The other character introduced is Diana Spencer, played by Emma Corrin. She’ll eventually become Diana, Princess of Wales, and we all know how the story ended. What we haven’t really got to know was what happened behind closed doors. Now it’s time to get some of the truth.

The Crown Season 4 trailer

You can take a look at the trailer for the new season below. We’ll wait until you do so we can get into the details.

It starts off with a confident Margaret Thatcher, the new Prime Minister of the UK. She makes it clear that she and Elizabeth are almost the same age. There is just six months between them, with Margaret the older of the two.

She’s making it clear that she isn’t the wide-eyed youth. She is willing to do what it takes to get the country in order, and she doesn’t care about being disliked. Will Elizabeth like that?

Prince Philip doesn’t seem to. He’s not all that impressed with the idea of two women in charge of the country. Is it just what the country needs, though?

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Then there’s Diana Spencer. With Charles next in line, he needs to find a good wife. This isn’t just someone he likes, but someone the country likes as both a person and as the queen consort. And so, eyes are on Diana.

She is certainly likable. The problem for Elizabeth and the monarchy in general is that she doesn’t seem to be queen material. She doesn’t want to bend to the will of the monarchy, and if she doesn’t do that, she will break.

We know how it ends. We know what this marriage will do to Diana. At least, we know what the publications presented. Now it’s time to see what went on behind closed doors.

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The Crown Season 4 will premiere on Netflix on Nov. 15.