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The CW fall 2020 schedule: Supernatural the only usual suspect

The fall is going to look very different. The CW fall 2020 schedule is here and the only show you’re used to in the fall is Supernatural.

During the fall, there are certain programs you’re used to seeing. The FlashSupergirl, and Riverdale will be on the list of shows on The CW. Well, they’re not part of The CW fall 2020 schedule.

Things are looking very different this year, which is understandable considering the circumstances. The only show that you’re used to seeing in the fall coming to fall 2020 is Supernatural, so it can finish airing its final seven episodes. Everything else is being held for January 2021 at the earliest.

Supernatural already has five episodes filmed. They hadn’t been through post-production back in March when the show took an unexpected hiatus. Two episodes still need to film, but there’s hope that the episodes can film late summer or early fall and go through post-production in time for an uninterrupted seven-episode run.

According to TVLine, it’s all about the acquisitions and the usual summer shows this fall. Could this lead to a complete change to the way broadcast networks work?

Main changes to the fall 2020 schedule on The CW

Some of the notable additions to the fall including The Outpost Season 3 and Pandora Season 2. These are shows traditionally held for the summer when the network gets away with lower ratings. However, they’re among the only shows that have already filmed and will be ready for the fall.

The acquisitions recently announced are also on the list. Get ready for Swamp ThingTell Me a StoryCoroner and more. We did suspect that these shows would be held until the fall to make sure there was original programming to air. With them being acquisitions, the risk is relatively low because the costs aren’t as high.

The FlashCharmed, and more are being held for January 2021 and beyond. The shows may not be able to resume filming until late summer or early fall. This will push back post-production work, so The CW has opted for a delayed premiere instead of hoping for an earlier one and having to make quick changes. The January date may get pushed back if filming can’t resume.

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The CW fall 2020 schedule:

8 pm Whose Line Is It Anyway?
8:30 pm Whose Line Is It Anyway?
9 pm Penn & Teller: Fool Us

8 pm Swamp Thing
9 pm Tell Me a Story

8 pm Two Sentence Horror Stories 
8:30 pm Dead Pixels 
9 pm Coroner

8 pm Supernatural
9 pm The Outpost

8 pm World’s Funniest Animals
9 pm Penn & Teller: Fool Us

8 pm Masters of Illusion
9 pm Pandora

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What do you think of the fall schedule for The CW? Which shows are you looking forward to seeing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.