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The CW hands renewals to almost all its shows

Want more The Flash? What about Nancy Drew or even the newest series Walker? The CW has offered up renewals for almost all its shows.

Yes, once again, The CW has opted to renew the majority of its current slate. Only two shows didn’t make it, and that’s only because they haven’t aired any episodes yet. Ever.

According to TVLine, the network handed renewals to every single show currently on the air, a freshman series that will premiere this month, and returning shows still to have premiere dates. It mirrors the 2020 renewal, which was the first time midseason shows that hadn’t had a chance to return yet were renewed early.

The only two shows not to get renewals are freshman shows without premiere dates. Kung Fu and The Republic of Sarah are the new shows that The CW held for the midseason. Unlike Superman & Lois, which also hasn’t premiered yet, they’re the shows that have had no buzz or promotional material yet, so The CW isn’t as confident with them as others.

The Flash, Riverdale, All American, and more renewed

The renewals are offered to all the current slate. That means every single CW show you can watch right now is coming back for another season.

The following shows will return with the season they will return with:

  • Riverdale for Season 6
  • All American for Season 4
  • Charmed for Season 4
  • Legacies for Season 4
  • Batwoman for Season 3
  • Nancy Drew for Season 3
  • Walker for Season 2

The following shows haven’t premiered but will also return for new seasons:

  • The Flash for Season 8
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow for Season 7
  • Dynasty for Season 5
  • In the Dark for Season 4
  • Roswell, New Mexico for Season 4
  • Superman & Lois for Season 2

The only shows not returning for new seasons are Black Lightning and Supergirl that have already been confirmed for final seasons this year. Black Lightning’s will start this month, while Supergirl will wrap up later this year with a date still to be determined.

Walker and Superman & Lois get extended seasons

As well as the renewals, two shows have been granted extra episodes for the current slate. Walker is getting an extra five episodes to take the total to 18 and Superman & Lois is getting two extra orders to take the total to 15.

It’s not uncommon for new shows to get just 13 episodes to start with. Networks don’t want to put a huge risk on new content, but once it proves itself, full season orders are usually given.

Of course, that is usually to take the seasons up to 22 episodes, but things are different now due to COVID protocols and not all shows needing 22 episodes to tell a story. Now, 16-18 episodes is often classed as a full season. Streaming services have a lot to do with that.

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Which show are you excited to see a renewal for on The CW? Share your thoughts in the comments below.